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Custom Strings for Genesis

B-55 Dacron Bowstring

2-Bundle - $32.00 ~ 3-Bundle - $40.00

Made from the original polyester material; ideal for older bows or any bow that isn't rated for FF type materials. 

Bundle Size
NOTE: Bundle Size is in reference to flemish string construction, but can be used to reference more than one color in endless. A 3 color endless will have the same price as a 3 bundle flemish.
String Colors
Note: Pick up to 2 for 2-bundle and up to 3 for 3-bundle.

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Light Brown, Mountain Berry, Red, Green, OD Green, Flourescent Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, Purple
String Type
Serving Type
Serving Size
Note: Enter not sure if you are unsure of serving size.
62XS sizes .018, .021, and .025
Halo sizes .019, and .024
Majesty sizes .018, .021, and .026
Serving Colors
#400 Nylon colors are black, blue. brown, green, or red.
62XS colors are colors are black, black/blue, black/red, black/tan, black/yellow, and black/green.
Halo colors are black, red, green, and brown.
Majesty is black only.
Actual String Length
Note: String length needed is the length under tension.
Type of Bow
IE: recurve or longbow, or referance loop size.
Draw Weight
Type of Nock
i.e., Bohnning Classic, Uni-nock, etc.

Champion Custom Bowstrings
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