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Custom Strings for Genesis

BCY-X Bowstring

2-Bundle - $32.00 ~ 3-Bundle - $40.00

"All the benefits and performance of 452X and 8190 combined. 83% SK90 Dyneema - 17% Vectran - Patented Construction. Approximately 1/2 the diameter of Dynaflight '97, similar in diameter to 8190. 18-20 strands works great for most draw weights. Excellent durability, practically no stretch or creep, very quiet. Made from the highest quality Dyneema available."

Bundle Size
NOTE: Bundle Size is in reference to flemish string construction, but can be used to reference more than one color in endless. A 3 color endless will have the same price as a 3 bundle flemish.
String Colors
Note: Pick up to 2 for 2-bundle and up to 3 for 3-bundle.

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Light Brown, Silver, Red, Mountain Berry, Blue, Electric Blue, Purple, Fluorescent Purple, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Light Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Green, OD Green, Fluorescent Green, Kiwi, Teal, Bronze, Gold, Buckskin, Cedar, and White.
String Type
Serving Type
Serving Size
Note: Enter not sure if you are unsure of serving size.
62XS sizes .018, .021, and .025
Halo sizes .019, and .024
Majesty sizes .018, .021, and .026
Serving Colors
#400 Nylon colors are black, blue. brown, green, or red.
62XS colors are colors are black, black/blue, black/red, black/tan, black/yellow, and black/green.
Halo colors are black, red, green, and brown.
Majesty is black only.
Actual String Length
Note: String length needed is the length under tension.
Type of Bow
IE: recurve or longbow, or referance loop size.
Draw Weight
Type of Nock
i.e., Bohnning Classic, Uni-nock, etc.

Champion Custom Bowstrings
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(662)231-4817 (cell) ~ (662) 652-3499 (shop)